McCall’s 6163 Wrap Dress

By | August 10, 2015

Accidental Blue Steel

Another knit work dress, this time McCall’s 6163. I like the classic wrap look of this dress, even with the faux wrap style that they’ve created. You know, lots of people hate the make on the cover of this pattern, but I really don’t think it’s bad. I think it reads like exactly what this dress is: a DvF inspired knit wrap dress. Whatever.


This is an ITY knit from I-don’t-know-where, purchased online at a clearance sale. I thought about doing a simpler dress style because the print is so busy, but again, whatever. I do what I want.

Construction was pretty easy. I used a double straight stitch, per the pattern instructions, instead of using a stretch stitch. I’ve since worn it twice with no threads popped, so it seems to have worked out fine.

Most of this dress was easy to construct, but I gotta say, this collar infuriated me. I had a hell of a time attaching the collar stand to the raglan neckline and not having it look plopped on or putting the edge of the seam on display. The directions and markings were of little help. They pretty much said, “So, like, just put it on, and stitch” and I’m like, “There are a lot of angles I could attach this collar at, and the shapes of these raw edges don’t lend themselves to me sorting that out easily. So *you* just put it on and stitch.” I fussed. I finagled. I whined. It took a couple of tries (basting, fortunately), but I’m happy with the final placement.


I’m looking at a bird. I swear.

For once, that’s to my credit–this could’ve gone a lot worse, and I hope no beginners have been frustrated with wonky-looking collars on a dress everyone describes as OMG Super Easy.

Like with the last knit work dress, I wanted long sleeves to stay warm in the office, but I did not want crazy ’70s bell sleeves in an ITY knit. Weird option, McCall’s. So I lengthened the 3/4 sleeve piece and just double stitched the sleeve hem.


I wish the sleeves were narrower.

I think they look pretty dorky as is, and I’ve been wearing it with them pushed up. I might go back and skinny them up. We’ll see. [Update: I’ve worn this 3 times, and haven’t bothered restitching the sleeves to narrow them. I think it’s safe to say they’re here to stay.]

Ahh, that's better!

Ahh, that’s better!

I also got lazy on the hem and used Stitch Witchery. Good decision. Clean lines, frustration-free execution, and the option to change the hem length later.

Overall, a good make. It’s going to serve its purpose beautifully–a work dress in a print that has some personality. Plus, on the first day I wore it, a coworker (not knowing I made it) commented that I had a total DvF vibe going on. Mission accomplished.

M6163 Back View

Budget notes: This dress is from stash, no extra notions needed. I estimate I paid $4.00/yd for the fabric, because I know it was a clearance purchase. At 2.5 yards, that’s a $10 dress!

2 thoughts on “McCall’s 6163 Wrap Dress

  1. sheila

    Very pretty dress and looks great on you. That pattern has been on my sewing radar for some time. You did an awesome job.

    1. Sara in Stitches Post author

      Thanks, Sheila! What a lovely comment. I definitely recommend this pattern.


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