A Stitch at a Time

By | August 8, 2015
I’m Sara. I sew things. Mostly clothes.
I’ve been sewing off and on for over 15 years. I’d classify myself as an intermediate sewer at this point. I’ve got a lot left to learn, and some basics still to master.
My primary goal in recording my finished garments is to engage in thoughtful reflection on the creative process and to be able to see a progression in my skills.
Things You Will Find on This Blog:
  • Finished sewing projects
  • Awkward photos of me wearing said finished projects (that hopefully get less awkward over time)
  • Some commentary on my completed garments (including a litany of mistakes made on each project)
  • Budgeting info and reflection, because I can’t not associate sewing with personal frugality
  • Makes that are designed for everyday wear and a desk job in an office environment
Things You Will Probably Not Find on This Blog:
  • Tutorials. I barely know what I’m doing, so good luck explaining it to somebody else.
  • Crafty sewing. My compulsion to sew is tied directly to my closet. If I can’t wear it and be fabulous, I’m generally not interested.
  • Beautiful finishes and couture techniques. I can appreciate amazingly crafted garments, but that kind of loving attention to detail? Not really my deal.

Of course, hobbies and our relationships with them evolve as our skill level progresses. In another few years, I may be super into fancy finishes and DIYing patterns. For now, though, it’s a pretty accurate assessment.

Cheers, and happy sewing!