M7094: Crap, I Did It Again

By | August 8, 2016


So, that top I said I’d never make again because it was tortuous?

Yeah, I made it again.

Here’s my second iteration of McCall’s 7094, the first being this satanic flamingo version.

Have not yet forgiven the flamingos...

Have not yet forgiven the flamingos…

The thing is, it’s a really cool top, it’s easy to wear, and that’s what I need. I also kind of wanted to use this as a benchmarked test of how much my skills had improved in the last year. My conclusion: my skills are definitely better but I’ve still got lot of room to improve. (Most of my errors were self-inflicted. Like when I followed the instructions for the sleeveless version when I clearly knew I’d be adding sleeves. Doh!)

That, and this pattern really is a bit problematic.

I mean, the step where you attach the sleeves to the bodice is left out entirely. Seriously. And that popover collar is just as fussy as I remembered. Fortunately, I went in ready to do battle, so it went relatively smoothly.

The face you make when your realize the bushes are filled with large spiders...

The face you make when your realize the bushes are filled with large spiders…

I still don’t understand the directions for the placket bottom. Like, at all. So I just did it the messy, get-it-done way, and it’s fine. I do feel infinitely vindicated that it was not lack of skill, but perhaps a construction issue that frustrated me so much the first time.

Also helping me out was fabric that didn’t fray on contact. This is just a random poly woven from Joann’s that I found on sale and took a shine to. I waffled for months on what to create with this. Shirtdress? Pussybow blouse? Popover dress? (Dammit, I *totally* should’ve made a popover dress!)

What does it say about me that I couldn’t resist the siren call of a pattern I knew I hated the first time around? Psychoanalysis aside, I’m a fan of this top. It’s a perfect blend of subtle (oh, just my billowy smock top, nbd) and attention-getting (wowza on the open-back in the breeze!). The super lightweight poly has a rayon-like feel, and isn’t an OMG-I’m-sweating-before-I-leave-the-house type of polyester.


The only drawback is that it took me about a month to sew this. New hobbies combined with an uptick in social engagements, and my sewing has definitely slowed down. (Other people don’t seem to consider time with my sewing machine as the genuine “social engagement” I personally see it as, and insist on planning alternate gatherings.)

Whatever. As the NY Times article about McCall’s notes, and I slightly paraphrase, sewing as been around a hell of a long time. I’m sure it’ll be around when my calendar frees up.

Slowly backing away from the spider-filled bushes

Slowly backing away from the spider-filled bushes

16 thoughts on “M7094: Crap, I Did It Again

  1. Lisa G

    I’ve been wanting to make this pattern, it’s such a cute look. Fortunately I won’t need the instructions much, since it sounds like they’re a complete mess. Love your blouse!

    1. Sara in Stitches Post author

      I wouldn’t worry about it, Lisa — I think you’ll have a perfectly fine time making this. Can’t wait to see your version!

  2. Carmen

    Cute! I’ve made this pattern before, too, and it was a bit finicky. I bet the second time around would be a bit smoother, as it was for you. The best feature of this top is that open back! Ditch your tank top and let a little skin pop through 😉

    1. Sara in Stitches Post author

      I *love* your version of this, Carmen! You’re right — I need to ditch the tank and show off my back, strong breezes be damned!

  3. Claire

    I love making the same garment twice and seeing my own improvements too. It’s nice that sewing is a craft where there is a good opportunity for quick measurable progress. I remember the flamingo top and loved it then. This version is great too!

    1. Sara in Stitches Post author

      Thanks, Claire! I was just happy to get something completed at this point. I’m coincidentally doing another pattern revisit as my next project. It *is* pretty satisfying!

  4. Masha

    LOL. I have this pattern and haven’t gotten around to it yet. Your blouses look great but your description makes me wonder if I have the patience …

    1. Sara in Stitches Post author

      I recommend giving it a try, because the finished top is really fun to wear. Maybe have a different set of placket instructions on hand to reference when you tackle this, and don’t be dork like me and forget your sleeves. :/ Good luck to you, Masha!

  5. Lynsey

    Your top looks fab and it was worth all the time and effort, the fabric looks like it was made for it, I love it but don’t think my skills are up to it. Well done for going back to it, I think I should do this with a few that have got the better of me

    1. Sara in Stitches Post author

      Thanks, Lynsey! There was a certain grim satisfaction in tackling this pattern again. I put it back in the drawer feeling like I had defeated it in battle. Perhaps not an appropriate way to feel towards a pattern, but I hope you get the same satisfaction!

  6. Margo

    Your top looks great!! I am a big fan of this type of blouse as well and I have this one cut out and ready to sew but…I’m not looking forward to getting to it. If I knew that mine would look this good then maybe….

    1. Sara in Stitches Post author

      I feel your struggle on the “already cut out but totally uninspiring” project. This top was actually my way of avoiding a lace jacket that I’m regretting already. Make whatever gets you excited to sew–that’s my unsolicited two cents.

    1. Sara in Stitches Post author

      Solidarity, sister. Thanks for confirming!

  7. Amanda

    Your top looks great! I just bought this pattern and was hoping you could comment on the sizing… It’s a very loose fit, did you go down a few inches in bust size for a slimmer fit?

    1. Sara in Stitches Post author

      Hi Amanda — Consider going down a size on this pattern. I cut the extra-small with no adjustments, where I’d normally cut a small. It’s definitely a relaxed fit, but I don’t feel like I’m swimming in it.

      I hope your version comes out great!

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