Butterick 5395 Paisley Bridge Dress

I’m a terrible Prince fan. In a misguided attempt to correlate the paisley pattern of today’s dress to The Purple One’s legacy, I got my Graffiti Bridge and Paisley Park references all mixed up. But being a public Prince superfan makes no one cool, so I guess this is a win for me. Another Me-Made-May work day, another dozen people asking if I have a problem with casual Monday.

What is all this crap? My old studio apartment was ridiculous...

What is all this crap? My old studio apartment was ridiculous…

This simple, lined sheath dress with (invisible in this print) raglan sleeves is always so damn easy to wear. It doesn’t play well with most accessories, so I typically keep it simple and feel kind of boring. But holy crap–this thing photographs well! That print is more gorgeous than I realized!

It should be, for all the time I spent trying line the pattern up and make sure I wouldn’t have some inadvertent nipple-tastic paisley action going on. This is Butterick 5395. I didn’t love constructing this, but I think that has more to do with the print needing meticulous craftsmanship and me being, well, me, than with the actual pattern. One warning, though, the armholes dip low. Because women like to show off their pits, and Butterick understands this. Thanks, Butterick.