McCall’s 6243 Asymmetrical Dress

Super flattering photo, eh?

Super flattering photo, eh?

The dress is McCall’s 6243, and man, that pattern was easy to whip together.



I side-eyed doing a narrow hem on the neckline and went rogue on that, but overall, this dress was a breeze to make and has been fun to wear. For some reason, the diagonal seams in the front convince non-sewers that there’s no way this could be home-sewn. I don’t get it, either, but I’ll take it as a compliment.

I still wear this dress, and regularly get compliments on it. I think it’s the color. The fuschia fabric was actually a thrift store find. I almost never find straight yardage when I’m thrifting, so this was a treat. I snapped up what was there (maybe a yard and a half) for just a few dollars.

Bargain dress, I think I love you.