McCall’s 6435 Dress

I’m just going to throw it out there: I love this dress!


It’s made from two ITY knits, so it’s super stretchy and¬†comfortable. And with three-quarter sleeves and a boatneck, it’s great for the office: not too bare, keeps my arms warm, and lets me crawl over the maze of boxes in my cubicle with no fear of ripping out a kick pleat. (It happens.)

This was made using McCalls 6435.



I just opted to turn it from a top into a dress by adding extra length. I love how dramatic and elegant this pattern can be, even though it’s quite simple. I also love how this could be a basic, cute tee in gray and white (not that I’ve given it any thought…) or a fancy-schmancy date-ready top.

Even though lots of folks don’t hem their knit pieces, I have to. If I don’t, I hear my mom’s voice in my head, tsk-tsking the lack of craftsmanship. The cut edge naturally rolled up a bit, but not in a particularly attractive way, and I was in no mood to wrestle with it. I used some Stitch Witchery (I love this stuff!) to get a smooth hem, and then was able to stitch it smoothly. It’s an extra step, but totally worth the time.

Multiple times when I’ve worn this, I’ve gotten great comments about how elegant the dress looks. It takes all of my willpower not to cackle and reveal that I’m basically wearing a giant t-shirt. Sewing is awesome.