Bon Voyage, Blue Pencil Skirt!


Well, that was eye-opening. I made this blue skirt probably 4 years ago, when I was trying to build a professional wardrobe out of clearance-bin stash and optimism. It’s Butterick 5466, View E.

I love the color, it’s a linen-look fabric, and I’ve always thought of it as a standard, go-to pencil skirt.
And I just now saw the photos of the back. No joke, I’m deep-sixing this skirt right away. The back seams pucker everywhere, the front facing creates a visible line through the fabric, and I’m horrified that I’ve been wearing this for years.

And why is my shirt tucked in so weirdly? So many questions…

So, this is less of a reflection, and more of a farewell to my blue pencil skirt. I hope someone at the thrift shop falls for you, buddy. And, in honor of bad fashion decisions I’ve made as a result of sewing blindness (you know, where you made it, so you’re blind to its flaws?), I offer this homage of pencil skirt doom:
So, I was wondering if blogging my creations would be helpful, interesting, or a waste of time and a total vanity project. A few days in, and it’s already changing the way I see my wardrobe, and also my final creations. This is getting interesting!


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