Pink Pencil Parade

As part of my harem of pencil skirts, this pink number has done its duty.

This was my second make of Butterick 5249, and the softer pink fabric was a good match. In looking at pictures, I probably hemmed this a bit too long. After moving back to California from a very conservative community, I had some weird ideas about appropriate skirt lengths. Now that I realize my knees aren’t shameful (only a slight exaggeration), this looks a smidge frumpy. And wrinkled.

Either way, I loved this skirt. The pleating detail on the pockets was fun and easy to make, and adds a lot of character. Its hot pink spirit was just what I needed at that moment, and it was fantastic for all the crazy color-blocking that was trendy at the time. I wore this with an orange blouse once. Proof:
I’ve since retired this skirt, after the seams started to show significant wear. It was one of the first pieces of self-stitched clothing I actually wore out. I’ve moved items on and out when the fit isn’t right or the style isn’t working for me, but I’ve rarely worn one of my garments until it was no longer wearable. As a result, it was a bittersweet but satisfying parting.

Pink pencil skirt with adorable pleated pockets, I salute you!

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