Simplicity 5190 Dress

Here’s a dress that’s gotten regular wear for a few years, Simplicity 5190. It’s a bias cut dress in a silky poly print. I have some mixed feelings about this one. I love the print, even if the fabric is a bit… shiny. Plus, it’s super-comfy since there is, let’s be honest, zero fitting in the dress–nary a dart to be found.


I love the keyhole neckline, even though it can feel like I’m being choked out a bit when I sit down without adjusting. I don’t love the sleeves–they’re big and a bit bell-ish, and you can see the underside of the fabric and the sleeve hem under my (sexy) armpit. Why the sleeve was drafted this way, I have no idea.

I ditched the recommended matching sash because dude, what dress was ever made cooler by a matching sash? The black belt is purchased. And my shoes are awesome. And notice how I cleaned up my apartment for this glamorous photo.

Probably should’ve moved my laundry bag out of view (bonus–it’s in the mirror reflection, too!), but that thing is a testament to my sewing ability. I made it in 6th grade–hand-stitched for a home ec requirement, and it’s still putting in work. That thing is a pink, floral, Laura Ashley-esque trouper!

As is this dress–it’s not fancy or complicated, but damn if it doesn’t swish just a little when I walk.