McCall’s 7193 — My Fave Maternity Top

By | July 10, 2017

M7193 Sewing pattern top maternity hack

This top was a flagrant (and only somewhat successful) attempt to regain my sewing mojo during pregnancy. I wandered the aisles at Joann’s on a lunch break, waiting for something to jump out at me. This poly blend did the trick: cute minty color, cute gold foil arrow motif, what’s not to love? I rushed home, cut out the pattern, and then sat on it for weeks before sewing it up.

McCall's 7193 sewing pattern

I used McCall’s 7193, view D. The only alterations I needed to make this into a maternity top were to making a deeper front pleat (I added maybe 2 inches total) and cutting the top longer in front by several inches and tapering up to the standard length at the sides to accommodate a growing bump.

McCall;s 7193 Maternity Top

It worked perfectly! This may be my favorite maternity make — it’s easy to wear, it worked from late winter to spring and into summer, and it just looks better than a lot of RTW maternity clothes out there.

The construction is pretty straightforward. I had a bit of a challenge figuring out how to make the front pleat, but honestly, I’m not sure if it was confusing instructions or just prego-brain. It’s a standard pleat, so there’s a good chance that one’s on me. Everything went together smoothly, and the pleated v in front came out looking clean and sharp — not always the case with this style of top.

I also added sleeve tabs, which I totally recommend. I think this top looks much more natural, and accommodates a wider range of occasions and temperatures, with the 3/4 length sleeves. Plus, you get to add a couple of nice buttons, which can make a garment look slightly less homemade if done right. Honestly, making and attaching the sleeve tabs and buttons took as long as most of the rest of the top combined — there are so few pattern pieces that it flies together once you have the pleat completed.

Sleeve tab addition to M7193 pattern

Sleeve tabs, I love you.

One note on fit: it’s a bit tight through the shoulders. While I’m not exactly in a position to talk about standard fit at the moment, I somehow doubt my shoulder breadth has been affected by the pregnancy. (Right? Right?!?) I cut a small, since I didn’t want to be swimming if this ran large, but I’d recommend that if you’re between sizes or on the fence, pick the larger size. I think a medium would’ve been ideal for me, but it hasn’t really compromised how well I can move my arms in this top.

M7193 Back View

Eh, I’ll admit it: the back is pretty boring.

Bottom line: I recommend this top both with and without maternity alterations. It’s easy to make, it’s got a chic MM.LaFleur vibe depending on the fabric (I would definitely stick with drapey, light fabrics), and it’s a staple garment without being boring. As for me, I’m just stoked that I think I can continue wearing this top beyond maternity wear. Welcome to the closet, my Gold Foil Bump Embracing Blouse!

Fabric close-up

Close-up for the fabric!

6 thoughts on “McCall’s 7193 — My Fave Maternity Top

  1. CallMeSu

    Thanks for the maternity alteration tips!

    1. Sara in Stitches Post author

      Thanks so much for reading — I hope it was helpful!

  2. Claire

    Ooh, you are getting close and look great! Awesome top and it looks comfortable. I also love MMLafleur and have been eyeing one of their sweaters for many months now. Glad to see they are getting known outside of NYC.

    1. Sara in Stitches Post author

      Thanks, Claire! I didn’t realize MMLafleur was in NYC — it’s definitely made its way to Silicon Valley!

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